The Top Ten


Soothing & Uplighting & Supportive


Mentally & Spiritually

Work with this blend when processing new information and adjusting to new things. Great for dealing with feelings of overwhelm.


Mentally & Spiritually

This blend can aid in letting go of pain and grief through enabling you to reconnect with your breath. Allows for you to open up and invite more love into your heart.

Easy Air

Opening & Uplifting & Invigorating


Soothing & Protective & Supportive


Mentally & Spiritually

Great to work with spiritual practice. Use to set intentions for the day or during mediation /yoga practice.


Mentally & Spiritually

Assists with avoiding emotions and can help relieve mental stress when dealing with physical pain and discomfort too. A great tool to help us to surrender and rest.

Ice Blue

Soothing & Cooling & Comforting


Calming & Regenerative & Soothing


Mentally & Spiritually

Calmative & sedative, open and expressive. Clears communication channels between body & source. Promotes self awareness.

Mentally & Spiritually

Uplifitng, energising and great for focus.


Cleansing & Detoxifying & Immune Building


Purifying & Powerful & Pungent

Mentally & Spiritually

Keeps things simple and priorities in check. Cuts away negative attachments and is a great tool to help with combating materialism and make huge positive changes to their life.

Mentally & Spiritually

This blend is great for protecting against energetic threats and attachments, as well as providing support to maintain clearer boundaries and can be called on to help you to stand up for yourself.


Protective & Strengthening & Warming


Opening & Invigorating & Refreshing

Mentally & Spiritually

Work with this oil to remind you of your power top stay open to miracles and rediscover the joys of life.

Mentally & Spiritually

Cleanses your physical and energetic body and mind of toxic and parasitic relationships. Helps cut the negative ties. Promotes health connections and boundaries.

Tea Tree

Cleansing & Resolving & Purifying