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How Do I Get Started?

Here are two ways you can purchase your oils and join The Conscious Collective.

Option One // Choose a wellness starter kit:

Getting started with a kit option – offers the most value and you receive your own online wholesale account and membership with 25% off future purchases for the year.

You also get:

Option One // Create your own wellness kit around specific health goals.


Purchase a membership for $35 and you get 25% off your products for the year.Together we can create your own wellness package by choosing from the Product Guide.(link)
You get all the same benefits with this option as you would with the starter kits (Option One) You still become part of The Conscious Collective

 *Remember all your future purchases will be wholesale prices, so make sure you pay special attention to the wholesale price list, if you are printing off the price list below.

Select Your Kit

These are the most popular kits to get started with…and I’m going to show you why…

Nature's Solutions Kit

Australian Members: $635 || New Zealand Members: $700

This is the kit I WISH I got started with. Are you ready to make some big changes and know that essential oils are what you want to use to make those healthy changes? 

This is the kit for you. It comes with the top 10 oils in the larger 15ml sizes (250 drops), and you also get some of the other most versatile and popular oils and products:


Home Essentials Kit

Australian Members: $330 || New Zealand Members: $365

The Home Essentials Kit is the kit I started with. It comes with the Top 10 Oils in the larger 15ml size (250 drops) PLUS the Petal Diffuser.

There is an oil for every body system. Lavender supports our central nervous system (very calming so perfect for bed time), and Lemon is great for your digestive and lymphatic system. You can make up all your own cleaning products with the top 10, and use one of the oils for almost every ailment.

Family Essentials Kit

Australian Members: $174 || New Zealand Members: $195

A sampler kit. It comes with the Top 10 Oils, in smaller 5ml bottles (around 80 drops). It’s the kit you want to get if you’re wanting to start slowly and get to know each oil. It also comes with a 15ml Smart & Sassy which is the metabolic blend.


Other enrolment kits are available - click below:

How To Join

Welcome To The Conscious Collective

When you join The Conscious Collective you get access to me and our wider team. 

I am really passionate about empowering you to use your oils everyday and to make sure you have the tools you need and feel confident in which oils to use.

You also receive:

I can’t wait to show you how amazing leading a non tox lifestyle will make you feel. Using your oils will be so much fun and I can’t wait to share this journey with you. Much Love Taya xx